Green Cube on 3dr X8

I am bringing back my old 3dr X8 to carry a new 3D laser scanner I purchased. I want to give it an overhaul from its 2015 equipment. Here is my new lineup and wanted to get your opinions.

  • Green Cube
  • Pixhawk 2.1
  • Here+ RTK
  • Livox Laser
  • Raspberry Pi
  • DJI Occusync + Goggles
  • Operating on Open Solo with Solex from my Solo controller

My first and biggest question is can I operate an X8 octocopter on Solex with the Green Cube instead of the quad Solo?

Thanks in advance

Why the green cube?

You can definitely use Solex though :slight_smile:

I figured that to run Solex and operate this as a Solo from my Solo controller…only it’s an octo instead of a quad…that I would need the Green Cube that is specific to Solo?

Or I guess I could accomplish using my Solo controller with Solex and use the Black Cube?

Green cube is spacific for stock solo esc. It don’t sound like you are using stock solo esc.

Green cube will still work. It will just be using 5v pwm signal instead of 3.3v pwm signal.

Solex don’t care what your pwm signal is

So it sounds like as long as I put in stock Solo esc’s on all 8 motor lines I can literally have an octo-solo with Solo brains and Solo controller?

Why would you ever want to use an esc with known issues. In a diy project

I never heard of an issue with the esc on Solo nor have I ever had a problem on the three solos I’ve been using since 2016

3dr fixed the esc issue using slew rate in software. The grean cube was a hardware fix for the same issue. That allowed us to use updated arducopter firmware that at the time didn’t have slew rate. @philip Can you help me explain this I’m apparently not doing a good job of it

You can accomplish this with any cube. stock solo cube, green cube, black cube. They all work with solex and opensolo.

Running green is fine.

The Solo ESCS have a bug that requires 5v PWM signals to get best performance in a solo.

In solo software, we limit performance on the non green cubes to avoid the issue

Thanks Philip…so a Green Cube running Solex with my stock 3dr X8 esc’s with my Solo controller should all be good?