Ground unit info and are feature requests possible?

We have been testing extensively, herelink as a candidate for an application for a fleet of ground robots.
We found that the radio range are good and we are on the verge of selecting the radio system we will use.

We may not choose the herelink system however because the ground station with the screen

    1. is not convenient for our industrial use, especially because :
    • a) how will we rack all those stations for all the robots we may have
    • b) how could we monitor the state of all those stations
    1. provides no way (as far as we know) to select which robot the station will be paired to. The scenario we are addressing is robots leaving/entering the coverage area of a ground unit and needed to be paired with a new one (aka handover).

We have read about a ground unit coming soon having no screen and possibly addressing the issues we have with the current unit. Would-it be possible to discuss these issues/features ?

I would like to add, that we are a company with a large experience in radio network and committed to open source and are willing to contribute code to make those features available if the opportunity is given to us to contribute.

Also as the projet involving those needs is very important to us, we would like to have a timeline for the availability of these ground units (we will have quantity needs …)

  • all the best,

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