Gyros Inconsistent after update to 3.6.8


I have octocopter with Cube Black which was bought in September 2018. I was flying with it without any problems with firmwaqre 3.5.7 nuttix. Now I changed the firmware to 3.6.8 chibiOS and I changed also

INS_USE == 1 
INS_USE2 == 1 
INS_USE3 == 0


INS_USE == 1
INS_USE2 == 1
INS_USE3 == 1  

and one problem appear. During first start after longer period:

  1. Cube starting normally and showing that everything is ok green leds on Here GPS
  2. but after few minutes it’s showing “Gyros inconsisntent” in Mission Planner and leds are yellow and I can’t take off.
  3. It happens only after longer period when I don’t use multirotor, during first start.
  4. If I turn off and turn on multirotor again there is no problems and copter flying ok.

Anyone have any idea why this “Gyros Inconsistent” message is showing ? Maybe that’s connected with heating IMU ? Why I don’t have this message during second third and next starts ???
Here you can see me log:


@Norimbo Can you get a log for some extended duration. There seems to be an unusually high Gyro Drift in the log for second IMU, I’d like to check if it gets stable once the stable temperature is reached. The log was stopped just before the temperature was reached.


Thanks for investigation!

Yes off course:
cold start log
second start just after switch off switch on battery

If the first log is still to short I can wait even 20 minutes and create another…just write here an info.


You can monitor raw temp and watch for when temperatures reach what BRD_IMU_TARGTEMP= Is reached. You should always pre-heat cube to that temp and only arm after that anyway.


But the problem is that I am checking that in home temperature and during first boot it never reach good temperature and never is ready to take off leds are yellow forever.


Sorry if you miss understand my last comment. The first part of my comment was to answer your question: “how do I know I have logged long enough to know if it reached temp?” The second part is just a common thing that is over looked by most people.


Ok so things are getting more complicated :frowning:
My arming button on HereGPS sometimes locks when I am trying to turn it on or off so I changed:
but that means that Arming is turned on to early ? before good temperature of IMU is reached ? and that’s why I get this “gyros inconsistent” message ?


@Norimbo Thanks for sharing the details, based on your logs I have come to the conclusion, that there needs to be a bit more smarter way of doing temperature control. Please stand-by for a test firmware, I will share it with you.


@hdtechk how can I check (monitor) in MissionPlanner what is current temperature of IMU ? I was searching in “Status” tab but didn’t found.


Maybe that’s RAW_TEMP ?


I changed BRD_SAFETYENABLE: to 1 but that didn’t change anything still during first cold boot gyro2 has totally different values even if I wait 10 or 15 minutes. If I just reconnect battery everything is ok.


Yes it raw_temp


I always do a reboot after reaching temp. Before flights. What’s most important though is what @sidbh and @philip think. They are the ones that know


@sidbh is preparing a test firmware for making this process much better.

for now, warm up, and reboot.


Ok thanks for info