Gyros Inconsistent

Hi, after some takeoff and landing, I start to get some Gyros Inconsistent on the remote, but anyway, I could takeof, but then, I couldnt any more. To make if work again, I had to do a remote reboot with Solex on the HereLink After that, good to go again.

Why this is happend?

Seems to be related with the IMU2, If I see the line from the beginning, the Gyros X,Y and Z start to move…

BlackCube 4.0.3

Here is the log

Please follow the instruction and confirm if it is SB02

I Alvin

I have the 4.0.3 FW, and all of that configuration is already set.


Many Cubes have gyros that are more temperature sensitive than others. The readings in the gyro drift as the temperature changes. To combat this there is a heater built into the cube to maintain a constant temperature. However, the heater must first warm up the cube to them maintain a constant temperature. As the heater warms up the cube, the readings can skew because the temperature is increasing. If you plug in the cube a few minutes before flight and reboot once it is warmed up, you can fly without issue.

The problem does not affect all cubes. There are some with sensors that are unaffected and some that are affected. There can also be subtle changes over the lifetime of the sensor.

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Thanks @DroneWrangler

I understand, but I can tell my customer they have to warmup the drone…

Can I disable the Gyro from the IMU2 to avoid this problem? On a safe way I mean.


Warm up the system… it’s a basic requirement for good results.

but the drone was working almost 10 minutes until the gyro error… I don understand… how much time m ust warm up?

The gyro is calibrated at power on, so after it’s warm, power down and repower it on.