Has anybody used xs690?

I want to use Xs690 quadopter frame with retractable landing but before that I want to know that has anybody in this cubepilot forum used this or has some knowledge on this as I wanted to know that is it possible to fix two ( 6s 6200 Mah battery) in the quadcopter frame ?

The Tarot 690 is probably one of the most sold frame kits of all time. It’s a bit annoying to use though since the arm folding mechanism uses so much space in the mid section, you can only mount components above the top deck or below the bottom deck. You can disable the folding mechanism or just don’t fold it if you need more space.
Retractable landing gear is useful for getting it up out of camera shot but otherwise you don’t really need it. Retracts wont make any difference to the flying ability.

2 6s 6200mah batteries sounds like a lot for an old Tarot frame. Their newer frames might have more space for batteries.
Run you intended config through ecalc - a subscription is insignificant in comparison to making poor selections. Battery weights are per cell.

It depends exactly what you are trying to achieve, there’s other frames out there. Or you can build your own for the best outcome.

Or wait until the new Cube Pilot frames are available

Hi @xfacta Have you used these frame as I wanted to know more things about it.

Can you suggest me some good quadcopter foldable frame with more space to fix components and also the frame should be also a bit less weight. Please suggest me.

Also it should carry two 6s 6200 mah batteries

Hi @MadRC What do you think. Which would be the best foldable frame for me ? Please give me suggestions as it would be helpful for me.