Having trouble getting HerePro RTK Base connected to MP

I have been using the HerePro on my UAS for a bit now and want to run RTK with another HerePro, but I am having problems with getting connection in Mission Planner to the HerePro base unit.

Things I have done so far following the HerePro manual for the base station are:

Updated the HerePro to the latest software.
Changed the SerialPass to 1 under the parameters tab and pressed Write Parameters and Commit Parameters.
Opened Mission Planner and selected RTK/GPS Inject.
Selected the second COM port and made baud rate 38400.
Unchecked the send NTRIP GGA and checked both of the check boxes for the M8P and F9P per the manual.

Every time I try to connect I get the error below(screen shot attached)

I am not sure what to do next? Is it a driver or Windows error?

Or maybe I am doing something wrong?

Still having trouble with getting the base unit working. I have run the Here 3 RTK base with no problems, but cannot seem to get this to work. Could I be hooking it up, wrong? I am running it thru the USB cable that it comes with and I see two COM ports in MP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

Did you power the HerePro properly? The USB alone is not enough.

Yes, I am powering it with a 6s battery.

Thank you, Alvin.

Did you try the first COM port?

I have tried both COM ports and I will do a quick video in my next post explaining it all.
Attached are two screenshots of the updated firmware and SerialPass to 1.

Here is a short video. Thank you.


I would try a few other baud rates, in the rtk screen

Can you set


I will try that on Monday.

Thank you, Michael!


Came to work to try it and changing CAN_NODE to 9 made it work.

Thank you very much, Michael!

@Alvin @Chris can we update the docs to make sure BASE MODE includes CAN_NODE being set? and unset for mode other than base mode

Got it and updated.