HDMI connection to Firefly 8S

I have a Tarot 680 hexacopter using Pixhawk 2.1 and Mission Planner that we’re using for farm surveillance. Range of video is the main problem and Herelink appears to be an excellent solution. I’ve been advised that units have just arrived in Brisbane and I’m keen to buy. My only question is will the HDMI port on my Firefly 8s connect ? If anyone can help I’ll be most grateful.
Cheers, Paul

What camera is in it?

A Hawkeye Firefly 8S.

If the cameras HDMI out works correctly as per the HDMI Spec then it will work with Herelink. However many of these cheaper action cameras like the SJcam have a Micro HDMI that’s not actually working or is used for other usage and as such is not compatible.

If it works on a TV it should work with Herelink. .

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What Ian said

Thanks MadRC & Philip. Just picked up a Herelink from RFDesign in Brisbane.
I’ll be testing the TV connection tomorrow when I get up to the property… Fingers crossed…
Once again, thanks for your feedback.

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Hi Philip & MadRC. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I 've been out in regional Australia. However, good news. The firefly 8s works fine with the Herelink. The HDMI cable is a bit heavy. I hope there’s a ribbon option available somewhere.
Also, and please don’t think me too stupid. How do I get the herelink to get an i’net connection and get mapping onto the screen?

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Tethered to a phone that has a 5Ghz wifi hotspot


Have you had a chance to test the range for the Herelink, using the firefly 8s? I am looking for a light weight solution to HDMI cameras, and come across Hawkeye Firefly Q6 which is 41g and compact. Has any one used this camera with the Herelink?

I am guessing if you had success with Hawkeye Firefly 8S then there is a good chance the Hawkeye Firefly Q6 should also work. I just want to ask the community if some one has used the Hawkeye Firefly Q6 and had any luck with the Herelink? This will be my 4th camera I will be trying with the Herelink, please help.

Thank You.