HDMI Video Image Flip

Hey guys, would it be possible to put in the ability to flip the image on the video coming in through the HDMI port, it it’s not possible already? I’m using a GoPro Hero 7 for a FPV camera and for whatever reason, GoPro has decided not to give users the ability to output an image through HDMI that is upside down. On the 5 and 6 it’s not a problem, but for whatever reason the 7 doesn’t have this function. I figured it would be easier to request a firmware change through you all than GoPro :slight_smile:


It works on my 7…

@sidbh? This would be useful though, can we add it to the list?

It works when I use the camera regularly… but when I plug in the HDMI no matter what I do it will not flip the image. You’re not having the same problem?

Thanks for adding it, it would be a good feature to have!

It’s a setting inside gopro settings can be set auto or normal or flipped

Correct… but that is only for viewing it on the back of the camera. As soon as you plug in the HDMI and view the image on the device (in this case, HereLink), no matter what setting I choose the image is always right side up. So if I mount my camera upside down the image is upside down.

After looking through the forums it appears to be only a problem with the Hero 7. The 6, 5, and 4 don’t do this…


Has this issue been figured out ?

Looking also for this feature - otherwise GoPro’s can be only used in up orientation (ie cannot be belly mounted).

Hi I can confirm that I have the same problem.
I bought a go Pro 11, because they were on the top of the supported cameras list and I needed a easy way to stream and record. I only realised the issue during testing.

On the go Pro support forum they confirmed that while streaming to HDMI the camera needs to be upright. Please please can you add this feature?