Heating Herelink Air Unit

Hello everyone!

I am just re-stating a question from one of my old posts because it lost traction.

Current Scenario
My herelink air unit is currently powered through an ATX and a 12V LiFePo4 supply. It steadily receives 12.25V and the other’s options of supply are 5V and 3V. I understand that recommended voltage is 7V and this is very close to the maximum possible supply of 12.6V.


  • Is my current setup the cause of air unit heating up?
  • What is the average temperature at which herelink operates? It is very hot to touch for me at the moment and would like to understand if that’s the similar case for everyone.
  • Testing atm is just with one camera plugged in when my final build will have 2. Would that heat the unit more?
  • Should I consider using 5V instead of 12V for longetivity etc.? Will it affect the range and rate of transfer?

2S is fine.
Don’t use 5v

Consider forced cooling for your HereLink

Hi philip,

The ATX can only provide 3, 5 and 12V outs. Should I stick to the 12V then? Because adding a 7V adds another component to the system which I am trying to avoid.

Take air unit outside of fuselage, the issue will be solved!