Heavy lifting drone

Hello All,

What is your advice for fine-tuning a heavy lifting drone.?Which parameters should I especially pay attention to for ensuring a stable flight? My maiden flight was very twitchy and since my drone is of significant weight descending wasn’t all that graceful.


Not sure if you have been through here

But that is the place to start.

Yes thank you.
Question, when referring to the prop size does that mean for a single prop (top picture) or a dual props ( bottom picture ) measured tip to tip as installed on the motor.

The Prop sizes are always full width, tip to tip.
In the example you gave the prop size is 24.5”

So prop sizes are always given in Diameter of prop circle x single rotation pitch.
And the general convention is in inches.
What you call a single prop is technically only half a prop.

Y dont u try auto tune?

Perfect! Love it. Thank you very much for the clarification.

Not yet. Auto tune is next.