Help!: Cube Orange and IP/Ethernet connection with RC Controller

Hello everyone!

I’m opening this thread because I’m looking for help to connect a Cube Orange (firm: last PX4 Stable Release: 1.13.3) to the radio control system via Ethernet. We have a Cube Orange and until now we have been using it with the Herelink V1.1 and it has been working very well. Our next project requires us to use a different RC controller, whose radio communication is exclusively via ethernet. Until now we have been using UART for telemetry and SBUS for RCIN, with Herelink V1.1. But now with the new communication system everything goes over Ethernet. We have seen that the PX4 supports Ethernet connectivity in the Pixhawk 5X standard, and we don’t know if Cube Orange follows this standard. We would like to know if it is possible to connect the Cube Orange via Ethernet both for telemetry and to receive the signals from the joysticks and buttons of our RC controller, and what would be the best way to do it with this flight controller. Our radio works on IP´s 192.168.168.x and on the ground we have an RC controller with Android, to which we are going to install QgroundControl. In the drone we also have an onboard computer with Ubuntu 20.04, in case we need to pass through it.

Thank you all for your help!

As per my PM, we will be releasing a can to Ethernet module soon.

Hi @philip !

I answered to your PM with the radio I am using. Will your next Ethernet module be compatible with the type of communication I want to carry out? If so, is its release date known?

Thank you very much!

First batch is in production.

And can it be ordered already?

We are still building the factory test equipment for this.


Is there a preliminary spec sheet for Ethernet adapter? Looking to understand the SWaP and which Cube models it is compatible with.


Not yet