<HELP>Main Out and Aux out DONT work in CUBE ORANGE

All the config of the pixhawk was going nice until this point: Trying to conect my servos and esc to the CUBE.
I conncected everything and configured the radio parameters, even anulated the failsafe but the servos wont move and neither the motor. I know im probably doing something wrong but I cant manage to figure it out. I even bought a BEC because I thought power might be the issue, but still does not work. HELP PLEASE

Looks connected OK. You were correct too - the Cube wont power the servo rail, you need that BEC if using servos.
Servos or ESCs wont work until you can Arm.
Temporarily set this and see if tests work OK:
BRD_SAFETY_MASK: Outputs which ignore the safety switch state

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Is your issue solved ?

I also connected servo motor in same way on Motor 8 port and powered servo using separate BEC . Yet the motor does not respond .
The button D on remote Herelink is set in Toggle mode with PWM values as below
Default value - 1100
Active value - 1905
channel 7
on Motor 8 in Servo the parameter changed to RCIN7 and the bar respond on mission planner
After Arming also the motor does not move .

please help how to make servo motor MG995 work with Cube orange

Have you verified the servo works using a part other than what you’re currently testing with?