Help with buttons assignments please

Must be getting old. Cant figure it out.
I want to map the CAM button to a channel so a short press takes a pic and a long press starts vid.
I can just make it do one or the other, not both.
When selecting ‘2 buttons’ I would hope you could set a neutral value (1500) and a button action would set another value. There is only an option for 2 pwm values and the output is always one of those which dosent work with a seagull #REC.

Likewise it it possible to map the scroll wheel to say - tilt and zoom with another button to ‘flip-flop’ action?

Not currently as far as I could work out in QGC however Solex may change this in the future.

Cheers, thought it was just me. Dont quite get the point of the multiple buttons thing except perhaps for mode selection.

I am getting my HereLink unit tomorrow and hoping you can save me some time!. I have the seagull #REC and a Gremsy gimbal. If you have paved the way, please let me know - Thanks

I did have some troubles getting the #REC working but finally got it sorted today but not the ideal button setup yet. Dont know why it was so difficult. Seemed fairly easy with the Taranis. Herelink fits in perfectly

Thanks - I am wondering if I should/could use the Herelink just for camera/gimbal control and continue to use my Taranis for flight control

For me the whole point was to reduce the number of components, wires and frequencies that could interfere. And the Taranis, for me was difficult to set up. If I had been away from it for a couple of months I would forget how to. Guess a very capable, flexible system is always going to be complex.
5.8, 2.4, 1.3(sometimes), 533. What a mess. I hope my optimism in this system is well placed.
Bit disappointed with the button programming but hope Solex will improve this.
Cant find much online info on Solex, like what it will improve and when we can expect it?

Ok - Sounds about right - I am getting mine today and from the sounds of it, it will not have enough channels to handle the copter, the Seagull (camera) and the gimbal. We’ll see… Thanks…

I got the HereLink today and am hoping since, you have gone through this already, you can help me. How do the buttons - scroll, top, A, B, C, D get mapped to the servo channels. I cannot find any documentation on what the RC1 and RC2 tabs are on the button setup and how they correlate/map

  • Thanks in advance.

i dont know what RC1 and RC2 are for but its probably because there are 2 lines on the sbus cable. Only one works at the moment it seems. Trial and error to find which.
The scroll wheel is quite obvious to setup but I which I could put proportional limits on it. It only seems possible to have FSD, not good for zoom or tilt speed.
The single buttons are again easy with useful settings. Im really not sure how the multi buttons could be used as its not possible to set a starting value. The only thing I can think of it putting multiple buttons on the mode channel so each button becomes a mode selector.

Hey, would you mind to share your button setup for #rec. ? I have same camera trigger waiting for config. For starters i think im fine if i get photo/video rec on one button short/long press etc, more later when we get new sofware updates. I havent yet figure out hiw to setup flightmodes from rc, would be nice to get coupple modes available fast from rc button…not from screen…if in hurry with mode change! :smiley: Thanks

I did put a post somewhere about the setup. Not sure where right now but here is a link to a quick rubbish vid I did. It may help a bit. Let me know.

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Thanks, good demo. Do you have config parameters for herelink button setup, MP params for cam …that would be really helpfull. Thank you for you reply