Her/Here+ GPS compass use

I use here/here+ GPS for Rover 4.0. I put CubeBlack in the metal box likes a control unit. This metal box may black compass.
the issue is:

  1. very hard to calibration GPS compass, even I turn GPS over 1 hour, it still can’t complete.
  2. once its calibration is finished and accepted by MP, when I choice it for primary company, turn the Rover, the head does not move follow GPS.
  3. if 2 compass are selected, one is GPS another is on CubeBlack, move CubeBlack, the head is following turning, but there is 70 degree difference,

so I want to use GPS compass.

As you mentioned, this might be the reason.
It sounds like you are not putting the GPS in the box, am I correct?

In this case, disabling the Cube compasses should be the solution. Actually if you have a reliable GNSS unit, we usually recommend to turn off the Cube in-built compasses. Because they are too close to other components that generate interference.

You may try to disable the internal compasses in Compass Calibration page in Mission Planner, then calibrate it again.