Here 2 Can High Hdop + Clip2 and compass offsets

Testing a Tarot XS690 with cube black and Here2 Can and have the following that made me curious, so i am looking to pick some brains.
When installed FW4.0.3 INS_USE3 was not set as also EK2_IMU_MASK i had to manually set to 7, while on a previous build that i run 4.0.2 Black FW it was set from the get go.
I check hardware, balanced props and other but it seems i got some scales on clip2 on a small loiter flight with easy winds, while my vibrations were below 15 and only a small spike on Z up to 16.
I have my compass 1 active since it shows really good offsets and also my compass 3 active which is the Here2 on Can1, still after the flight before i check the log, i run the auto analysis and i do see some concerning messages on compass failing and IMU mismatch. (i will recalibrate before next flight)
Got also PM = FAIL - 18 slow loop lines found, max 12.72% on line 72900 which based on github, 18 on 72900 is actually low, but why fail?
Also noticed that in great weather, outdoors, far from the city with plenty of satelites, hdop would not drop below 1.5 and i would also get higher spikes.
Attached logs are with FFT ON.
later today and tomorrow i have more testing my self, but i would like to hear your ideas.

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Your can is high as Here2 reports HDOP in a way that Ardupilot apparently doesn’t like.

So this will be corrected in a future update.

@philip Thank you for your reply.
So the only fix would be to revert the GPS to Serial so i dont get prearm messages?

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Should we expect it to be solved with here2 update? Or arducopter update? Since i checked Arducopter 4.04 release notes, and if i am not mistaken its not being solved there.

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Meantime i had to change parameter GPS_HDOP_GOOD to 1.7 to get rid of the message