Here 3 compass number and offset

Hi all, we are installing a Here 3 with Cube orange and Kore board.

With Here 2 the external compass on CAN showed up as compass 3.

Will Here 3 also show up as compass 3 now?

And is the compass offset no longer required on Here 3?


You can check HW ID tab on Mission planner for compass numbering.

Update, actually the Here 3 showed up as compass 2 if you connect via USB to Mission planner and there is no compass 3 (makes sense as there is only one in the cube and one exernal in the 3)

So I set the external (number 2) as primary in Mission planner.

Also for those curious they seem to have fixed the compass scale in Here 3 (Here 2 needed a scale applied)

After compass calibration the scale factors are

0.96 for compass 1
1.015 for compass 2

I have not flight tested this but on the ground the compass is pointing in the correct direction (where with here 2 and compass scale set to 1 it would be very obviously pointing the wrong way.