Here flow not working with Pixracer


I’m building a mini quad (3") with pixracer and hereflow for the stabilization.

The issue is that i can’t make it work well, in AltHold it sometimes hold altitude but is too slow when changing altitude because of obstacles. It climbs and then it takes too much time in coming down.

In Loiter mode, the optical flow don’t maintain position, it’s too unstable.

I configured the parameters from the arducopter wiki, i attach the params file so you can see it.

Here you can see a video flying in loiter mode so you can seehow it “stabilise”, (vertical and horizontal).

Please, may I have some help with this? I’ve seen drones with this hereflow flying pretty stable, like being fixed in the air. I don’t know why mine does not work like this… (4.8 KB)

I have an update for you guys,

Using external lidar (TFmini) and leaving the hereflow just as optical flow it works much better (at least in the first flight).

Anyway…I’d like to use hereflow as lidar too, do you have any advice to make this work well?

The inbuilt Lidar is only for use indoors, outside it’s accuracies can drop to 0.8-1M
We recommend the SF11B Lidar from lightware

I’m flying indoor @philip

The sonar range param measure the correct distance. But the quad seems no to obey to this param.

I’m using EK2_ALT_SOURCE = 1 (rangefinder) and the parameters are configured for the hereflow:

RNGFND1_MAX_CM = 300 to set range finder’s maximum range to 3m

But as I told you, instead of measuring well, the quad does not maintain altitude