Here link video streaming address Can someone tell me the interface?

I need the internal video streaming address of herelink ground terminal instead of qgcapp. We have developed a new app, but we canโ€™t get the video interface. Can someone tell me the interface?


How to root the system? I want to uninstall qgroundcontrol

I donโ€™t need qgroundcontrol

you can not

โ€œrtsp://โ€ it is works when Itโ€™s use HDMI1 ,How can I get video from HDMI2?

please check source code of QGC, need to send mavlink packet to select hdmi2

it seems not work with mavlink command,my vedio is connected on Herelink receiver HDMI port.

can you help me๏ผŸ

ok here is code from another sample app

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please connect camera to hdmi1. hdmi1 must be valid

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We are now sending commands in the format you gave us, but we still canโ€™t switch to the hdmi2 source. Here is our code and the information returned by debug.

why is target_sysid 0, and target component

MAV. SYSID and MAV. Compid should be?

I tried and still couldnโ€™t solve the problem. Itโ€™s just a problem

I canโ€™t switch the HDMI video source with MP. I asked the manufacturerโ€™s after-sales service, and the after-sales service said that MP canโ€™t switch either. I now refer to the MP code and canโ€™t switch. Is there really no way? This matter has been put on hold for nearly half a month

Can you help me solve this problem? I canโ€™t switch videos

Are you using Herelink Radio telemetry with Orange CUBE and Mission planner installed on your laptop What is the GCS software you are using on the Radio telemetry ?