HERE2 Issue and Motor Balance FAIL - 4.0.4

Folks, I’m on 4.0.4 and using HERE2 on CAN. Everything (Accel/Compass/Radio) has been recalibrated since updating to 4.0.4.

Internal compasses are disabled and the HERE2 is up high on a mast. Yet, I’m getting large offsets. The machine flies great though.

Also, I’m still getting a motor balance FAIL. I’ve been working on my tune for a week or so now and it’s rock solid in the air. The CofG is perfect in all directions and these arms aren’t adjustable anyway.

Can someone review the logs more indepth for me as I’m not well versed in reading them on a granular level.

I performed two @15min flights this morning.

Logs/params are here:


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Balance is fine as it’s Co-ax

And compass matter resolved as well yes?

So those motor balance numbers are nothing to worry about? It’s flying great and motors feel equal in temps. Motor balance variations are normal for X8?

Compass issues are resolved. I still have some offsets but they’re all within reason as you stated in the FB post. All compasses are enabled now with no issue.

The machine is rock solid in all orientations. Loiter mode is fantastic.

Yes, as there are differences from top to bottom motor loading.

All good!

Thank you Philip! I’m building two of these so I’m now on to the next one.

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