Here3+ and CubeID

I just got done going through the Cube ID section in the CubePilot docs and didn’t notice any information on how to install it in the Here3+, I really don’t want to mess anything up. Thanks

Hi Robert, sorry I do not understand what do you mean by install cube id in here3+.
You can connect Cube id to CAN or Serial port in your carrier board, then it will transfer your drone’s information such as location( which provide by here3+) ,id ect,to your mobile device.

It plugs either into your carrier board or your here3+

Two versions available

  1. Serial for inside here3+ or on a serial port on the carrier board
  2. CAN for use independently to the here.

This is what I’m referring, which was a response to someone else’s posting. Which is why I’m asking how I can correctly install it inside my Here3+. Thanks

You can only connect Cube_id to your carrier board only(for now).

Ok, I’m a little confused though with your answer. One of them was designed to be installed inside of the Here3+ wasn’t it?

No,cube id is not installed inside of the Here3+.

Now that’s odd, that description was one of a few that Philip Rowse had replied in different posts.
This reminds me of when everyone wanting HDMI and a brighter screen on the Herelink’s and the word was “no hardware changes only software changes”. A short while after purchasing another Herelink 1.0 due to needing a second Airunit out comes the Herelink 1.1 with a brighter screen and Ethernet, two things people were wanting. Guess I missed the announcement?

Sorry,what I mean was it will be able to achive these function in the future.
But for now , cube id can only connect with carrier board.
And yes, “no hardware changes only software changes”.