Here3 GPS Herelink system pixhawk orange

I have a Pixhawk orange flight
controller. How do I connect the GPS (here3) and airspeed and lidar and herelink air unit so it will work. I plugged in all the wires airspeed an lidar into a CAN Bus that goes into CAN2 on the Pixhawk. I plugged in the SBUS and UART on the herelink air unit into the corresopnding plugs on the pixhawk. I pluged the here3 GPS into the CAN1 plug on the pixhawk. I cant seem to get anything but the accelerometer and barometer to show anything in mission planner when I pug The pixhawk into my comuter via USB. Is there something I am leaving out? Must be B/C it no workie. I am upset that there is this much troubleshooting involved. I still cannot get the herelink to pair with the air unit, and when I attempt to update the firmware on either air unit or ground unit of the here link it just says failed. Please help.

                                                                                                             Brent Palmer

Oh yes I am using a fixed wing twin electric v-tail 9lbs two meter drone with estimated flight speeds of 25 to 60mph

You have to set up the parameters in autopilot, can update the Here3 maybe