Here4 breakout board

How does one disassemble a here4 to connect the breakout board.

@rbachtell The plastics are attached through clips around. Best to start levering from near LED and start going around unclipping gently. Best to use nails or a plastic tool to lever. Do not use metal tool, you might break the plastics.

Thanks for the reply. I have the board now loaded with FC firmware and looks to be fully operational. I am wondering if the only serial port can be used for normal functions since it is the now the only way to connect to GCS. Would eventually like to use on a rover with Herelink. I am currently trying to connect an ESP32 WiFi board for telemetry that has been set up and functioning on another device.

@rbachtell yes, there is only one Serial port on Here4. There are few serial Tx and Rx spread around on PWM and GPIO pins, but all are either Tx or Rx of one of the UART peripheral, no other full TX/RX pair is available. There is a possibility of half duplex serial with modifications to the hwdef, as long as other end supports it.