Hereflow and loiter mode


I want to use the loiter mode to use the Hereflow. But I have a problem.

I put myself in loiter mode, I take off, everything works. But if I switch to AltHold mode, then back to Loiter mode, the mode doesn’t work.

Error message:
smart RTL desactivated: bad position
mode change failed: loiter required position

Is there a solution to this problem?

because the FlowHold mode, the UAV is hyper sensitive to the command. It does not take into account the exponentials (of command) used in AltHold.

Thank you

Share logs!

Hello, you can download log here:

Thank you


@multinnov do you have external LIDAR connected? The range of LIDAR on Hereflow is not large enough for loiter especially in external conditions.

hello. Before, we flought with the Hereflow’s lidar. But the altitude position was not excellent with lidar, same result with barometer. And for our flight objective, we don’t want to use the lidar to mesaure the altitude.

Loiter can work with barometer.

We can take off in althold, yet, at 1 meter of the ground to put the loiter mode (once in a while). But if we want to return in althold , and in loiter mode, don’t work. Only time althold to loiter is ready. The second time, it is impossible with the message (loiter requires position).