HereFlow approach of the obstacle

Good morning friends,

I’m doing some tests with a “battle” drone (that of experiments) on that I put a HereFlow (with Cube Black and Herelink as Tx) … I don’t use it on the Z axis but frontal as anti collision.
My question is how can I have a kind of track on display Herelink (Solex) that indicates the approach of the obstacle (a bit like what happens on DJI)
Is it possible ?? … thanks

I don’t think its a good idea to use Hereflow for obstacle avoidance, as you’re not using the full potential of it. Also the onboard lidar has only 2m of range.

Hi Alvin … In fact I made some tests at the counter and we are on that fit. However what do you recommend to manage an anti-collision? Should I use the LW20C lightware ?? … Is it also possible to have a track on the display of the anticollision action? tnx :slight_smile:

Those listed on Ardupilot wiki are good to use