Hereflow camera for scanning QR Codes (or some other CV tasks)

So let’s say I want to scan a QR code below the multicopter’s current hovering position and land on that QR code (or carry on with the flight). To the extent of my knowledge, the best way (and the only way? Let me know if there are other alternatives) is via computer vision. That is, get the relative location of the QR code, and then publish the next position setpoint accordingly.
Now, my question is, can I use the HereFlow camera to get this done? In other words, can I send the camera’s video feed to an onboard computer and then run CV algorithms on it?
Is there a better method?

PS: I’ve never used any flow sensors.

Hereflow use Optical Flow Sensor but a camera,its used for measuring optical flow or visual motion.
You cannot use flow sensor to scan code.