HereFlow Lidar + TFMini Serial


I have 1 TFMini sensor to the front of the drone and the Lidar from the HF to the ground distance.

At the moment I set up the HF lidar on the rngfnd2.type, I can see both distance on the rangefinder1 and rangefinder2.

But after reboot the cube, the TFMini disapear.

I have change the order of the rngfnd1 to 2 or 3 but still not workink.

Any trick to make both work?

@Anubis @philip


The HereFlow is a CAN device, right? If it is detected when you set it up but not after a reboot, that sounds like an ArduPilot bug. Probably something to do with how the device drivers detect and enumerate the devices. The CAN interface is pretty new so there are probably still some bugs.

Maybe try posting this on the ArduCopter forum, or open an issue in the github repo.

Yes HF is CAN, tfmini serial.