HereFlow not working on ArduPilot 4.1.2


I have a HereFlow connected to Pixhawk4 on CAN1 port. It works well on Copter-4.0.3 but not on Copter-4.1.2. Any suggestions?
I’m attaching the param files for 4.0.3 and 4.1.2 and a photo of the SLCAN tool in MP when I was able to recognize the device in Copter-4.0.3 firmware. In Copter-4.1.2 I was unable to recognize it. The HereFlow HW version is 2.1

Lev (10.0 KB)

Can you try to reset all parameters and set them up again manually?
Also, you may try to change the CAN node id to whatever else.

Hi Alvin,

I reset the parameters and changed the CAN node id, and it still does not work.

Do any of the readings show changes? Can you also try 4.1.3?

These readings don’t change, I tried also 4.1.3 and it didn’t solve the problem.
I checked it on a different Pixhawk4 board, and so far so good, it seems to work now on 4.1.3 and I get the readings.