Hereflow not working

Dear all,

I did exactly as instructed, but now change with the here flow :frowning: struggling with that over a month now.

I tried also my germin lidar lite v3, and terabee bridge, and they are working perfectly.
what I am missing here??

How is it not working? Can you tell more details?

Dear Alvin,

using px cube black, with ap 4.0.5.
here flow ver 3.0

made the parameter setting as in the pdf file for rngfnd1
opt_x opt_y and other sensor not changing value, all in 0 value.

I read something about firmware upgrade, but unfortunately didn’t understand how to do it.


Did you calibrated Hereflow ?

You have to use a rangefinder different from the one on the HereFlow (work just over 2 meter), I have use a tf mini and of course, works only up to 10 meters. Better the rangefinder, better the altitude you can make the hereflow works,

How can I calibrated it?
There is not documentation about it

Can you try to switch to another CAN port and see if it works?
Like CAN1 -> CAN2, vice versa.

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thanks for the info, I have Geramin lidar lite v3, I will give it a try.
basically I want to use the lidar for mapping the ground in range between 5-10 mtr.
for getting a 3d view of an area.
which device I need for that job? lidar, camera, both devices? I got lost