HereFlow Publish Gyro Z value


I was wondering if it’d be possible to extend the uavcan driver to publish the z value as well. Per the datasheet, the sensor contains an ICM20602 which should be able to provide gyro values in 3D.

On the receiver side, I think it’s the ‘20200.Measurement.uavcan’ that would need to be adapted but I don’t know what needs to happen on the HereFlow HW driver side.


Quoted from @jschall on email for reference…
“ On the Here Flow there is a parameter you can turn on to get IMU data via CAN bus. It will give you delta angles and delta velocities in 3D, in addition to instantaneous angular velocity and acceleration.

The parameter is called PUBLISH_RAW_IMU. There is additionally a parameter IMU_RATE_HZ that sets the frequency at which this message is published.

It is the standard message“