HereFlow Source Code

I just posted, but accidentally deleted first post. I am looking for the source code running on the hereflow device. I found this repository, just wondering if this is the source for the firmware running on the hereflow device.

Its over here:

See AP_OpticalFlow_HereFlow.cpp


This is out of date.

Latest is not open at this point.

Was there something you specifically needed?

The link to ardupilot is the driver, not the device code

Thanks for the quick response. This question was mostly out of curiosity rather than necessity as much of the cube companion hardware has source code available. I had been using the px4 flow in the past and recently purchased a hereflow. I had done some tinkering with the px4flow source in the past and was hoping to take a look at the hereflow source. I figured with the inclusion of the debug connector, there was some possibility the source code was made available. Any plans for making code available in the future?

There is always room for hacking :slight_smile:

Awesome! Just let us know if and when the source is made public. Thanks for your attention!

Also I am really enjoying playing around with some of your new hardware. Very exciting to see all the new things you guys are putting out there recently! Really cool stuff. Looking forward to seeing what things you come up with in the future!


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