Herelink 2.4 GHz hotspot

After updating the firmware on my herelink GCS unit I noticed that my laptop (which doesn´t have a 5GHz wifi adapter) could detect its hotspot (I´m not sure if it could before the update), the problem is that after I edited the hotspot options (name and password) it became 5GHz and I can´t change it back to 2.4 GHz. There´s a drop down menu for selecting the band, however 5GHz is the only option.
So my question is, since I already know that the hardware is capable of creating a 2.4GHz wifi hotspot (tested on two herelink GCS units), how do I change the wifi band of the herelink hotspot?
Any help would be much appreciated.

I think the 2.4Ghz is being used by the herelink radio itself and hence using the wifi also on 2.4Ghz would create interference issues and hence in order to give tethering option to your laptop, the hotspot has only been at 5ghz.

You should either update your wifi adapter or consider using Bluetooth or USB tethering options. Haven’t tried it but I do thing it might work. Hope to see other’s experience as well.

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Oh wow, thanks for the advice, what kind of interferences do you think I could get?

Basically since both the wifi and the herelink will use the same frequency for communication. It would interfere with each other reducing the range or even worse data packet losses.

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Herelink is 5Ghz WiFi only.

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