Herelink 5GHz Wifi Connectivity

I have been running into issues connecting the Herelink to various 5GHz networks. The primary issue has been connecting the units up to 5GHz mobile hotspots. If there is still a channel limitation (as seen in the thread below), is there a fix in the works or is this lost functionality?


As far as I know, there are no special limitation of 5GHz wifi. It is an ordinary wifi module like any other android devices.
You may try to re-flash firmware on your Herelink to reset everything.

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Gotcha, will continue to try. The major piece is being able to connect to cell phone hotspots but that is probably more of an issue on the phone side.


We have been doing some additional testing and it seems that the Herelink will see 5 GHz networks sometimes but there doesn’t seem to be a correlation on the network side. With 2 Herelinks looking for a network right next to each other, one might see the network while the other does not. At first we were thinking it was a channel issue and tried whatever we could to steer the frequency but with this new finding we are at a loss to get this figured out. The next option might have to be dropping the Herelink altogether in favor of a more stable GCS.


For the wifi detection, try to change the RF authentication setting to another region. Then change it back and reboot. The region can affect what wifi frequency are scanned.

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For starters you won’t find anything else that’s more stable as it simply does not exist.

Check the setting for location and region. This is usually the cause of Wifi issues.

Can you explain in a bit more depth where this RF authentication region? The only country selection we can see is in the radio settings to switch between US, EU, Japan, and China. Changing that has not had an effect.

As for other systems, that may be true, but we can at least dig in and diagnose issues as they arise.

Yes. This is it.

That seems to be the source of the issue. I had assumed that control pertained to the GCS to Air Unit link as opposed to the GCS WiFi link.