Herelink able to send video to monitor/laptop

Looking purely for video from air to ground to be displayed on a laptop. 2 main questions.

  1. Can video be output from ground unit/controller to laptop/monitor via HDMI/USB or other? no photos of backside interfaces in documentation. I assume the microUSB is for power in only? Maybe the wifi can stream to another device?
  2. There are 2 HDMI inputs on the air unit. Can 2 videos be sent to the ground at same time or only toggle between videos

thanks in advance for the help team! Been looking at HM30 from HIYI, but prefer American made.

1)usb is not for power only, you can use that to share data or upgrade our device
Please check link below for more information

2) " 2 videos be sent to the ground at same time"will be supported in the future.

Hi! i have a question : if i just buy the " herelink air unit " how can i communicate the controller to the pc without having to buy the " herelink ground control unit "

Do you mean pair the herelink airunit with another controller other than herelink controller ?
The herelink controller (ground) can only communicate with herelink air unit.

hi [Mike_ZY] :My idea is to control multiple herelink air units.

We do have dual control mode(use 2 controllers to control 1 airunit)

But 1 controller to multiple airunits is not ready yet.

I’m thinking of a crazy idea to be able to use a VPN to control multiple HERELINK air units