Herelink - accessing device(s) at far side of bridge

I have a requirement to connect a device to the airunit 1.1 via ethernet and to be able to access it from a laptop on the ground. The setup would be:
Laptop → WiFi Router → Herelink Controller → Bridge → AirUnit1.1 → device
“think raspberry pi being SSH’d into from the Laptop” for example…

I’ve performed a number of tests and it appears that this setup is not possible?

I’ve moved to trying the “hotspot” option rather than WiFi Router…
Laptop → Herelink Controller (hotspot mode) → Bridge → Airunit1.1 → device
and I can now ping the device (from the laptop)

I think I’ve read all the available information, and I believe my tests are consistent with the suggestions or approaches in those articles/forum posts. So… “Is it possible to use a WiFi router to get the same results as the Hotspot configuration?”

In addition to this, the AirUnit to Controller bridge seem to have fixed IP addresses. Why is this? Could these be configurable? If I were to ever get multiple aircraft on a single network, wouldn’t these addresses need to be changed?

“Is it possible to use a WiFi router to get the same results as the Hotspot configuration?” No
in ap mode, the router is set to the herelink itself
in ap client mode, you cant route traffic to a client, it violates with wifi mac scheme.

you have mentioned ip’s so i cant 100% answer

the option you have missed is a usb ethernet adapter on the controller as well.

@Michael_Oborne you mention the USB Ethernet adapter what options does that open up to me?

a transparent bridge. traffic in one end comes out the other. can use dhcp/whatever you want.

does depend on your use case however.

I know its been a while since i first asked this question, and I now have a setup which includes some static routes in the router and in the rpi that gives the connectivity I wanted, however a further couple of questions have been posed from the project.

Does Herelink bridge support multicasting?

multicasting, in general no