Herelink air Unit 1.1 DEAD

I have a new herelink air unit bought just a month ago, used it without a problem for a couple of weeks.
Then suddenly while the copter was plugged in I lost link. Upon investigation I found that the regulator (set to 10v) had blown:

The blown regulator was tested and the output was 0v. All seems good until here.

Just to be safe I plugged in my air unit to my lab power supply and the current immediately shot up to the set limit (0.5A)

If it raise the amp limit it will try to pull way more… which is indicative that my air unit is mostly likely fried

  1. I am not sure what failed first, the regulator ? Consecutively sending the full 24v to the airunit ?
    Or the airunit, causing the regulator to blow

  2. I have taken initiative to open the air unit case and have only located one probably fried component :

What component is this and is there any hope? And most importantly is this caused by over voltage ?

Edit: tagging you @philip

A blown regulator can fail high or low, and can also fail high, then low.

So hard to tell. 24v would definitely release the magic smoke unfortunately.

Without the RMA team looking at the hardware, deciding which component is damaged is difficult.

I understand… Should we send it back to you and you can take a look ? If yes where should we send it ? Thanks


Hey @Michael_Oborne & @philip.

We’d like to hear back from you.