Herelink Air Unit Battery display

Hi all I posted this on cubepilot FB as well as Solex users FB with very little/no response. What is this I am looking at? One minute it shows Air Unit voltage now its this. What is it that is 99%? My air unit battery is 56% according to my ISDT BattGO and what is this 600 degrees thing??

Hi Andrew,

I must have missed this. I’ll take a look at this. When you say “Air unit battery”, you’re talking about the main flight battery I assume. That being the case, which battery monitor param value are you using?


Hi Kelly
Yes Flight battery as I was testing all this on the bench. It appears another user has the same issue on cubepilot FB. All the voltage and amp figures look correct in MP.
Herelink was updated a few days ago to latest stable.