Herelink Air Unit - Fail to Update

Good Afternoon All,

Trying to go about updating my air unit from my PC as it is not pairing with the transmitter (just unpackaged the system). Followed the steps outlined at and looked through other threads on this forum, but am still receiving the following error:

Tried using Google OEM Drivers, but Device Manager refuses to use them. It keeps saying the best drivers are already installed.

Any thoughts?

Holding down the reset button on the Air Unit during power up seemed to have fixed this issue.

Hi guys!
I have tried all the above-mentioned solutions. Also, tried downloading the Google drivers and updating the drivers as well.
No solutions seem to be working.
Can someone post a video or suggest any other solutions?

Please run the flasher.exe from console, then share the error message (if any) here.

Hi Alvin,
I am getting the same error as mentioned by @manavgandhi17 above.

That means the driver is missing. Please try to install it.