Herelink Air Unit Firmware - Gremsy compatibility issue

Hi All,

We’ve been working on a challenging video interference issue (video link below) experienced with the Gremsy T3 and T7 gimbals. We’ve isolated and identified virtually every cause of the interference we can conceptualize and determined that the ‘source’ of the problem is the T3/T7s portion of the HDMI wiring (multiple gimbals tested). However, if we put the output of the gimbal to any other video device the video comes through clean.

The T3/T7 gimbals have an amplifier in the HDMI circuit, our best guess is that it’s increasing the noise in the signal to a point the Herelink air unit is struggling with, but a standard monitor doesn’t. We’re running air unit firmware: AAU01210729 and Herelink firmware: BRU01210730.

Has anyone seen this before or happen to know how to address it?


It’s a known issue that basically renders HDMI passthrough as useless when used with Herelink

That fact that’s it’s working even that well for you is a miracle.