Herelink air unit- internal shot circuit

After the firmware updates of the remote and air unit. I was pairing the remote and the air unit.However after connecting the air unit with the power supply, while pressing the pair button i turned the power supply on and noticed no LEDs blinking and observed smoke coming out of the air unit.
Kindly help me solve this !
Video is attached in the link . Click here

Once the magic smoke is released, there is no way to get it back in


you should provide service center or schematic for the module. just simply your escape

for our open source products we do… you can see all the cloned pixhawk boards etc… if there was no risk of cloning, we would supply everything…

I am not sure you will find a schematic for an iPhone on the apple support forums either.

not sure the reason for post here, but if you have a specific question, feel free to ask… ie, if you break a specific part on the board, ask and I am sure we can assist you if you want to repair it yourself… we fully support your right to repair.