Herelink Air Unit // Loose Contact HDMI Input

Dear Hex/ProfiCNC Team,

I have a loose contact issue with one of my Herelink Air Units. On HDMI Input No. 1 the video stream is corrupted (see picture) or totally interrupted when moving the HDMI cable. As soon as the copter moves the video stream is not usable any more.

A video showing the problem can be found here:!AlONzoxobHLeg-9kwEddZKDo52cKWA

However, it works totally fine on the 2nd HDMI input of this air unit and as well on another air unit I have. So I can exclude the fault being in the HDMI cable/plug or any other component “upstream” the air unit.

I will need to RMA it. Is there any hint for me or my re-seller how to potentially fix this?

Thanks in advance.



Can you try to reflash the firmware on air unit?
Is it on latest version?

From your video, I guess the connection between HDMI connector and the PCB may be loose.

Thanks for your reply @Alvin.

Yes, I had reflashed the air unit 2 times to no avail.

It is now with my reseller. Think it’s a hardware defect like you say.



I have exactly the same issue. If I move the plug around a little the connection is made but any movement breaks the connection again.

I haven’t tried HDMI 2 but I will be tomorrow.

Hey John. Will be good to know your result on HDMI in 2. It may well be a problem of your cable in your case.

With my defective air unit I am still stuck. I could exclude every other cause. 4 types of all new good HDMI cables. Checked the issue with all potential combinations of my two sets of equipment (2 air units, 2 ground units, 2 copters, 2 payloads).

It’s definitely a problem of HDMI input number 1 of this very air unit. It was RMAed to no avail. No error found. I absolutely believe that bench testing may have been ok in the service center at that moment.

But I can easily reproduce the error. The unit is not suitable to fly as the stream is corrupted from the first minute when flying. The other air unit in the same copter and no problem at all.

HDMI input 2 is ok. However I have to use input 1, otherwise the stream does not start reliably as advised here.

I have informed the reseller again and am waiting for feedback. Will let you know the result.