Herelink Air Unit not booting/LED OFF

Dear all, the air unit of a brand new Herelink set is not booting anymore. When we plugin the Power Cable the LED’s are still off. Is there any possibility of reloading the firmware or is there any tool available with which we can check the air unit?

Try to reload the firmware

How to flash the firmware when the air unit doesnt power up at all?

Try to power and maintain the pair/reset button at the time (all the time until it boot)

Thanks for the help.
The issue is resolved now.

Steps taken:
Connect power to the Air Unit
Press and hold the Pair/Reset Button
Plug in USB while holding the Pair/Reset Button.
Flash the firmware & you’ll be good to go.

Air Unit is power supply sensitive.
Make sure it is a good regulated supply before you attempt this.

Issue resolved