Herelink Air Unit not Pairing with Ground Unit


So I was trying to pair my air unit to my ground unit for the first time.
I was running 5.22V (checked voltage with multimeter) from the Airbot Cube Carrier Board/PDB ( RC_IN using a servo wire that I split into a positive and ground lead going into the 5-12V Power port while the signal and ground went into the S.bus port… I’m not sure if this caused a short or something by using a common ground…

The LED1 or LED2 lit up briefly while I tried to pair the Ground and Air Unit then nothing. I tried updating the firmware for both the ground and air unit but the air unit is unresponsive and I’m beginning to fear the worse. It was such a low voltage and it didn’t even feed into the S.bus port if you take a look at the connector I made.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


RCIN is designed for very basic RC Receivers not companion computers like HereLink.
Please give it its own dedicated supply

I’ve added a new service bulletin in response to this

So you don’t think I damaged the Air Unit by doing this? Based on this connector I made.
I’ve tried powering on the unit via micro usb and it has been unresponsive. Thoughts?

I can’t see how, but try it on external power.
The ideal power source is a 2S battery