Herelink Air unit - Power cable specification


Any idea what is the specification for the Herelink Telemetry power cable

  • 2 Pin interface 5V-12V power input interface. Also where can I purchase this item ?

Female: SM02B-GHS-TB(LF)(SN)
Male: GHR-02V-S

btw, you should connect 7-12V instead of 5-12V.

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What happens if you use less than 7V? I am currently using ~5.3V and have had no issues. I thought the manual for herelink said the air unit powers with 5-12V, would love to clear up the confusion, thank you

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May I know which manual did you read from? We should have updated it to 7V-12V

Recommended supply voltage ~7V: minimum 6V: maximum 12V and avoid sharing BEC with servos

Using under 6V would cause weird behaviour, such as unstable signal and transmission, reduction in range, etc.

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Hmm I cant seem to find it. However the reason im using under 6V currently is because I am using a 6S lipo therefore direct voltage would surely instantly fry the air unit with over 20 volts. So I have an XT60 step down converter to 5V to XT30 connector which then connects to my air unit by a custom cable that fits into the air unit’s power module. This is because I have been unable to find a 6S step down module to 7V or similar. I have only been able to find one for ~5.3V, so that is what im stuck with for the moment. Any suggestions with a converter with a slightly higher voltage?

Use a buck conveter module which is apt in your case. It can bring down voltages from dc voltages as high as 42v to adjustable regulated dc voltage of 12v, 8v,7v,6v,5v,3.3v etc., upto 2.5 amps.
Just google for buck converter.

When googling it, a bunch of cheap small random ones came up… do you have any specific brand in mind that you might recommend to be trusthworthy?

Using BEC to separate battery and Herelink also prevents potential damages to air unit, such as surges.
For any power module, we usually recommend Mauch products.

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Since these are cheap to purchase, I believe almost all are almost reliable to buy .

I have used the Matek DUO power supply where it has a programmable voltage on the second output . However while I used the programmable output as 5V , I have noticed that my Raspberry Pi boots itself !! So even a brand like Matek has its share of defects This may be one in a million cases . But since i changed it from 5V to 6V , RasPi seems to work well.
My web link here explaining the defective output for your info.

Would 5VDC possibly cause telemetry to drop out randomly? I thought it might have been an issue with Q Ground Control on the ground station but I saw it happening this afternoon on my laptop too. I’m using the +5 VDC rail on the KORE board, only because the Herelink came with a 5 VDC converter (see picture, used on a prior build). I have an extra connection on the +12VDC rail, so shouldn’t be a big problem to make the change if it will help.

The other thought was that my antenna mounting might be to blame, they’re in the same plane but on opposite sides. Thought was that maybe while they are perpendicular to the ground station it might have a pretty severe null.


This could be possible as 5V is not sufficient.

We don’t send any converter with the Herelink.

For the antenna installation,

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