Herelink : Air Unit to Ground Unit data transfer rate

I am trying to use the wireless mavlink log fetching feature already present in qGroundControl. This feature is working if have a USB cable connected to pixhawk or Mavlink Router forwarding data on my ground unit, but when I try to use this feature directly through air unit and ground unit connection, qGroundControl gives me a pop-up that unable to start logging as available bandwidth is too low. (Wireless mavlink log fetching feature needs at least 50 kbps continuous data transfer bandwidth)

So, now my question is that: What is the data transfer bandwidth between herelink air unit and ground unit ?

Hello Sir, Can you please help me with this?

it would be above 50kbs as for the error. must be a qgc limit

Hello @Michael_Oborne,

I looked for this in px4 and we have a limit of baudrate/20 over data_rate for log streaming.
Here we have a limitation that herelink connection only takes 57600 baud rate from telem1.
Now I want to increase this baud rate to 921600 to use this mavlink logging feature as this baudrate will allow me to bypass this condition over data_rate.
i.e: datarate = 57600/20 = 2880 and this is less than conditional check of 5000.
Is there any way to do increase the baud rate and use the herelink controller over that?