Herelink Airunit 1.1 no Radio Signal


Im installing a new Herelink 1.1 air unit on a hexacopter, last FW version, using a HereLink Grdound Control V1.0, and it is imposible to get the SBUS radio signal.


Led 2 is solid green and led1 is solid yellow

May be Im doing something wrong?

SBUS 2 connection is dead too.

If I change for a HL AirUnit V1.0, it works at the first try with the same remote.

Any idea? Thanks!

Update, I have try to update the FW with my computer to de AAU1211129, but after that, the airunit after turn it on, there are no led lights… Just one red blinking light at the power up, but no more led, and of course, it doesnt do anything.

As the airunit did not stared, I have try to do the update again, and I get this message

please update your flasher_win version, and flash the air unit

you will need to update your GCS unit to beta firmware to work with a 1.1 air unit

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Hello Michael

Im using the flasher_win from this link, unless you have updated this last days, must be the same.

How To Update Firmware - CubePilot.

I will change the HL ground unit firmware and try it again. But anyway, the last firmware in the air unit doesnt work, it bricks the air unit.


ok, Beta installed in GCS, updated to the last online version. RC works again! Thanks!

Air unit updated using the Beta GCS to the last online version.

Anything else I have to do?

Thanks you @Michael_Oborne !