Herelink and 2nd Dataradio to GCS

I am having Herelink issues when I connect my GCS via separate data radio. Herelink works great until the GCS connects, then I cannot change flight modes at all. I have tried both on MAVLINK 1, both on MAVLINK 2 and get the same results. Also tried one on MAVLINK 2 while the other is on MAVLINK 1 and vice versa, same thing, I loose ability to change flight modes with the Herelink.

Herelink is in Serial1 and the Dataradio is connected via Rpi3 via Serial0. Independently the Herelink works and so does the dataradio to the GCS.

I am wondering if it is serial passthrough conflict? I have Serial PASS1 to 0 and Serial Pass2 to -1 and Serial Timeout to 15 seconds as default. (tried setting both to disabled, as well as drop the timeout to 0)
@philip @Michael_Oborne

so i think the answer will be similar to facebook, you will need to change mission planners GCS ID on the planner settings screen from a value other than 255, say 254.

the reason it doesnt realy work is because the autopilot learns what ID’s are connected to what port. So having two 255’s causes a conflict as to which port actually has 255.