Herelink and Ardupilot Motor Emergency Stop (Channel mixing)


I would like to have the motor emergency stop feature in ardupilot with long press on button A and D, is there a way to do this? previously, I have have been using two switches on a futaba radio which are mixed to one channel which again activates the emergency stop, but as far as I know, this is not possible to do with Herelink.

Yes. It is possible on Ardupilot, in both sbus way and mavlink way.

RCx_OPT way:

mavlink way:


It could be that I was not specific enough. I would like to push and hold BOTH button A and D for the motors to stop, and I think that if going the SBUS way, the Herelink would need to have some mixing functionality to make it work.

The mavlink way might work, but I guess I will need to write a LUA script for the autopilot where
it pics up both channels which long press A and D is picked up, and if True, it sends the mavlink command to shut down the motors.

Is it possible to add a mixer functionallity to future herelink versions?

We would like to add this feature in Herelink. But we can’t tell when.