Herelink and QGC errors


I recently purchased a Herelink to see if we want to replace our current GCS/controller combo with the herelink unit. Our drone setup is a cube orange (4.0.6) on a kore carrier board and here3. We’ve been planning and running mission with QGC on an Ipad and a custom GCS for the last year and haven’t seen these errors yet.

We only run basic survey missions. The errors I am seeing are inconsistent on when they appear when planning an uploading missions while using the herelink. I updated both the ground unit and air unit before installing on a drone (Current Version SRU01200616).

With the herelink I’ve run into some errors I haven’t seen before.

  1. “Detected problems with app native libraries (please consult log for detail): relocations”
    -This appears within the first five minutes of QGC running.

  2. “Critical failsafe: Terrain data missing”

    • We don’t have any terrain following enabled. All map tiles have been downloaded. We haven’t seen this when running QGC with an Ipad or computer.
  3. “Rally Point Transfer Failed”

    • Don’t use rally points. Never had this error before
  4. “Geofence transfer Failed”

    • Don’t have a geofence enabled. Never had this before.
  5. “QGroundControl fully supports Version 3.3 and above. You are using a version prior to that. This combination is untested, you may run into unpredictable results”

Thanks in advance for any help!

Can you try to re-flash the firmware again?
For the first error, let’s see if it’s still here after reflashing.

For error 2-4, I think it is more like messages from autopilot. Can you try to connect the Herelink to another GCS and verify whether the message appear there as well?

For error 5, this is because Herelink had a custom commit in its QGC. You don’t need to worry about it.

Also, you need to ensure that the Solex is not running in the background when you’re using QGC. Vice versa.

Reflashed the firmware using the file on the herelink webpage. It flashed FRU01200409 onto the herelink. During restart, it made me update over wifi to SRU01200616.

I am still seeing error #1 after doing this.

Connected the herelink to Mission Planner as described in the link. I did not get errors 3&4 using mission planner. I created similar missions to the ones I was creating in QGC. I only see those errors while in Qground Control on the herelink.

I did get error 2, but realized I didn’t have a great gps fix at my location at the time and that error went away.

I think error 3 and 4 are more like error from PX4.
Maybe the mission had something wrong?

For the error 1, it doesn’t affect anything. You may try to update to beta and see if this error will go away.