Herelink and QGC Update

I have updated UAV with Arducopter 4.4.0. QGC on Herelink controller now wants an update as some of the new firmware parameters are not identified. Fair enough, I get that…but…

From my reading it seems to hint that QGC will be updated with Herelink but I have not seen that specifically stated. Also, if that is the case why is the standalone install for QGC for Herelink available on Github? If we use it, is it the 32 or 64 bit version? I haven’t found that anywhere either.

If I update the Herelink firmware are all my settings and parameters conserved? I know some of them were pretty kooky to get set up the first time, I would hate to loose them all.

Please let me know if you can help. If there is a definitive source that I am missing, please send it along.

Actually Herelink QGC is already available in the latest version daily built but the catch here it is available for PX4 firmware but for sure you can use for Ardupilot if you requore

What about the conservation of settings already in the Herelink controller? Button mapping etc.?

Everything works as far as i see it.

where is available ? please post url thanks