HereLink and RFD-900x

So from my previous post, we are trying to get a ground based PC talking to the drone. We have HereLink installed and working great, but our Python scripts just won’t connect via anything that we can think of from the HereLink (we have tried every IP address and port we can figure out). SO, the thought was to slap a RFD-900x on there as well and just communicate that way. I am assuming there are some settings that need to be changed in ArduPilot because when we install the RFD-900x in telem2, the Cube Orange seems to have issues. The Here3 GPS no longer displays any lights and we get EKF errors (saying it didn’t start). What steps should we be taking to resolve this?

How are you powering the RFD900X?

Just the included connector but on telem2.

That’s your issue. The RFD radios need to be powered externally, the cube can’t provide enough power through its telemetry ports. You’re crashing your cube voltage, hence no other accessories are working as expected.

AH! Ok, that makes sense. I will rewire it.